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Delta more deadly than national plan assumes

In news that should surprise no-one, the Australian government is finally waking up to the fact that Delta is significantly more deadly than Alpha. … both the Doherty and the Burnet institutes adopting the findings of a Canadian study showing unvaccinated people infected with Delta are nearly twice as likely to end up in intensive care and one-and-a-half times more likely to die as people who caught the Alpha variant. Read more →

The Atlantic: Parents Are Losing Their Minds Over Masks in Schools

Original article: Parents Are Losing Their Minds Over Masks in Schools Public-school students in her Florida county, Hillsborough, are technically required to wear masks to school. But in an attempt to please everyone, parents may opt their kids out of mask wearing by signing a form. Masks also remain optional for teachers. According to Carothers, some of the parents in her kids’ classes have signed the mask waiver, and their kids roam around blissfully mask-free. Read more →